Speaking at AUG Pune, 23rd August 2020 - ScriptRunner for Jira

This is Pune which is a really beautiful city near Bombay, there was a time when I used to travel quite a lot in India. Many years ago I started providing consultation around Atlassian tools. I consider myself lucky that I got the opportunity to travel and also to work with many companies across India.

I was hoping to travel to India this month but as we all know things are different all across the world. AUG Pune invited me to speak and do a session. Although I would have loved to do that in person but I will settle with an online session this year.

Topic: Improve Jira Ticket Quality with Dynamic Fields in ScriptRunner
Date: 23rd August 2020
Time: 10:30 BST (15:00 IST)
RSVP: Click here

Let me share more pictures :)

Session pic


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