Using Blackberry Passport in 2018

It is April 2018 and some people just can't believe how can I still use Blackberry 2018. They make fun of this bulky square phone. They give excuses like the apps don't work in your phone and bla bla bla. To be honest I do have some bias towards Blackberry OS 10 and Blackberry devices in general however I don't really hate Android and iPhone as well, I do have both have both of them.

People have different needs and wide range of expectations from their phone and for majority of people I know it is more of a cool factor. They need the latest fancy shiny phone and there is nothing wrong in it. Although I can afford to buy the latest iPhone X Y or Z but my needs are very clear from a phone and I always spend my money with Return of Investment in mind.

I use phone for primarily for these things mentioned and explain below in correct order.

1. Phone calls - Crucial (everyday, of course it is a phone!)

Do I need to explain this? Blackberry devices are top quality. My Blackberry phone is premium built, sturdy and phone quality is superb.

2. Emails - Crucial (everyday)

The single most important requirement for me is to be able to send email quickly. I rely on my emails a lot, both Android and iPhone works fine to be honest but for me having a physical keypad really bring efficiency. I used Blackberry Z10 for 2.5 years and I really missed my Blackberry Curve keypad.

On top of that the way Blackberry manages the email using the hub is definitely very good.

I have no reason to switch full time to Android as long as Blackberry OS 10 is working fine.

3. Navigation - Crucial (everyday)

I used Google Maps which I installed using the apk file. It works absolutely fine but honestly it is not super fast. For driving purpose I have used it for navigation and for that I use an Android phone because you sometimes needs big screen. Apart from that for finding addresses on London street Blackberry Passport works fine.

4. Pictures and Videos - Crucial (everyday)

Blackberry Passport takes really, really good photographs and I also find the video quality to be very good. No complaints and no reason for me to switch when it comes to pictures and videos. I like taking pictures and capturing them using my mobile. I used box app that syncs them as well.

So no reason to switch.

5. Google searching and occasional browsing - Important (less than 30 mins/day)

When my laptop is not with me, I do sometimes use my phone for searching something on google. Sometimes I read some articles on my phone. It works just fine. No complaints.

6. Whatsapp - Not important (but I still use it everyday)

The official version stopped working in Dec 2017 bit I installed the Android version instead which is slightly slow but it has more features. I don't use it throughout the day but in the evening I open it and it works fine as well.

7. Some other apps that I use once in a while - Not at all important

I do have some other apps like twitter which is working smoothly. Facebook stopped working but I use the web version instead but I am not concerned about it to be honest. Apart from that I do have some other apps that I used sometimes like for checking train schedule, tracking my GPS location and few other but they are all good to have apps.

8. Music - Once in a while (less than 30 mins/week)

I don't really use my phone for music but sometimes like once in a week when I am not reading anything on my kindle and I am not in a mood to open my laptop I do listen to music, mostly when I am in a train or on a long walk. It works just fine.

So for my requirements my dear phone is serving me well.

Please stop making fun of me and my phone. Don't judge me and label me as a Blackberry Boy. I just use a phone that suits my requirement. My next phone could be Blackberry Keyone or any new model that they might launch but till then I am quite happy with my phone. I spent around 300 pounds 1.5 years ago and my phone works smoothly. I love its battery. It last almost full day. I am happy with my investment.


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I have bought 1 month ago BB Passport. I am fucking impressed! E-mail in-built - the best solution i saw in my life. Analdroid if you get a notification you have to switch to a specific app, in HUB you see and email by switching your finger. Hub - i cant stop using it, because thats so fucking simply and great!!!. The experience with the Passport is awesome, no fucking android can give me so much efficiency like this fast BBOS.

1. integrated wifi access to SD card from your Pc - u dont need install some shits - this is native OS function.
2. BB Blend is great + default file manager so i can from my phone browse files on my 2 PCs without FTP or remote desktop.
3. Great movement around active desktop, fast preview of running apps, fast switching between everything. + fuck who invented the apps active frame is a genius, you see preview of all!!!
3. Possibility to download Browsie browser and change user agent it gives me full web content when something does not work.
4. great voice to text system.
5. Found Retroarch emulator for games - works great for NES, SNES, PSX, ...
6. No fucking shits in background is running - system is fucking fast without lagging.
7. keybord and keyboard shortcuts app is fucking awesome, u can bind any key to a specific app or function - turn flashlight by pressing a key on or send an email? No problem in less than 1 sec.
8. Searching implementation - you can find everything by only typing a word on the active screen.
9. Nice speakers, nice picture taking and great video and display.
10. quick sharing of everything - you can quickly share a selected text.
11. Text selecting using by SHIFT + select circle moving or keyboard is killing all mobile OS.

There is not so much apps but who cares? The OS offers you so many possibilities, it was created by smart people with brain. We need the BBOS or something similar was created again. Shame and sad they dont support it, because people love it and missing it, we need this OS instead IOS or Analdroid.

Thx for your article
BTW. Passport the best phone i saw.

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