Happy New Year 2020

Just realising that this is my first post of 2020. I think it is a good time to reflect back on 2019 and plan things for 2020. I normally have a plan always with me on things that I want to do in near and long term but it is good to review it from time to time.

2019 highlights
Clearly 2019 was the year when I took YouTube seriously. I was able to maintain consistency and made hundreds of videos.

Also I invested time learning things that I never knew before and it is always a good feeling.

Making videos is my habit now, I have been quite consistent lately, I am making a video everyday without fail but apart from making regular videos I will try to focus on the quality a bit more.

I will continue learning new things this year.

One thing which I was ignoring is my health. I think this year this would surely be my number priority. I have promised myself that I will be in great shape this year.

That is it really. Not making lot of plans for 2020 :)

Hi Ravi! I just read your article and it's awesome!

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