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Drupal VM

I have been using Vagrant for a very long time now. I love it. It is perfectly to setup the environment and develop for Drupal, however recently I tried moving some of my sites to Drupal 8. I know I am late, very, very late but better late than never :) and I realised setting up the environment manually is a bigger pain, to be honest I am never comfortable setting up LAMP, I don't think I have ever configured Apache perfectly in one go. It always needs some R&D to make it work with Drupal or may be I am not good in it. I don't know. It is a pain.

Vagrant solved this problem for me, but I have been using Vagrant slightly differently. I was using it mainly as a vm with not much provisioning, which I guess is fine. I was happy with it. I use usually one vm for more than one sites.

With Drupal 8 things are different. You need composer plus few other things to make things work. I was able to setup everything but it is still a pain. I want to focus more on developer than setting up environment and now I am planning to have just one vm per project and one more for staging.

I knew about Drupal VM but never really used it for real projects but I cannot avoid it anymore.

If you want to also start using Drupal VM go to this link:

All you need is Vagrant and VirtualBox installed on your system and setting up the environment just take few minutes. It is highly configurable and works just perfectly in one go.

I hope it goes well for me. I need to upgrade one site from D7 to D8 and I will be using Drupal VM for that :)

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