25 out of 25

The first and probably the last time I scored full marks in exams was 18 years back when I was in fifth standard.

It was 1991 and our teacher announced the result of the 1st terminal Maths exam. "Ravi Sagar! 25", at first I thought she is saying the total marks but when she gave me my paper I realized that I scored full marks!! I can never forget that moment in my life. I was sitting in the middle row on back benches everyone in the classroom was looking at me in an astonishment. I must admit that It feels great when you are in the focus.

All the time in the school I was thinking how I would tell my mother about my unexpected achievement. My father gave me a prize of Rs 10. It was a big big amount for a 9 year old kid and that too 18 years back. I don't remember what I finally did with that money but I am sure I must have kept that crisp note for a long time.

It is not always that you score full marks. When I was in 11th I scored 22.5 out of 25 marks in bio 1st terminal exams. That was the highest in the class. Though I flunked in physics and chemistry :p

Why am I blogging about this? Aise hi yaad aa gaya.

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