Absolutely no client work now

2011 is about to end now, it has been a year of ups and down. Mostly downs. I have had tough time this year in every aspect of my life be it career or personal life. Though I never let my expressions and behavior reflect the real feelings of me. I am good at it :) This year also was the year of enlightment. I started seriously thinking about the future for the first time ever in my life. I came to know about few good blogs on the net and then I started following them. I started reading some books on self realization, time management and personal growth. I am glad that this year I spent considerable amount of time on all that. It will be an ever learning process and I am sure I will be more happy, successful person next year.

Now I have stopped taking new projects or clients. I will continue supporting existing projects but I will not take new projects now. This will really affect me financially but after to be honest I didn't enjoy that as I expected. Working for client's is like just another job. I know it is impossible to run away from clients or bosses to survive in this world but until I find out something else I will keep on pursuing my passions.

So from next year onwards I will focus all my energy into things I really, deeply love and enjoy. No matter if I earn money from it or not but I will continue to pursue them. What are my real passions? In simple words it is Open Source, Drupal and Linux on the tech front and Photography, Travel on the personal front. So I will focus on these things completely. No more making stupid websites for other people. I will enhance my knowledge in these areas and spend lot of time on these. So does that mean I will live a saddhu life without earning money? No. I want to spend some time to learn more about these things and then I will figure out how to earn money :) In the past few years my primary motive was money and I was working so hard to earn more and more money that I almost forgot my real passions. Not anymore.

I have made some strict deadlines for the year 2012 and I have set some goals that are inline with my passions.

To give you a brief idea about my plans I am working really hard these days on creating free Drupal videos and useful tutorials that will be targeted to people who want to learn Drupal or want to switch to Drupal from some other technology. Also I would focus more on my photography. I never really took it to another level. I really want to learn various aspects of photography. May be I will join some course! Lets see. I am pretty sure that 2012 will be a great year for me!

I wish all my friends, family and well wishers a very happy new year.

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