Forgot to carry my Tiffin

I still remember I was in third standard when one day I forgot to carry my lunch to school but I was not worried. I never liked eating "tinda", "ghiya" and other such green vegetables that my mummy used to give me everyday for lunch. I was actually happy that day because I escaped the torture of eating my lunch. Mummy used to get angry if I carried the unfinished meal back home and it was against my morals to throw away food. So I had no option but to eat whatever I got. My favorite dish back then was chholey. I don't like it much these days but I loved eating it when I was small.

I was celebrating this small happiness by smiling and thinking of things that I could do in the recess period. In our school there used to be zero period prior to the classes. It was time when we can do anything. We normally used to finish our homework in that period but I was not too much worried about other things.

Our classroom in third standard was on the ground floor. It was in a single storey yellow colored building on the perimeter of the school ground. All classrooms were back to back around the ground and there was a small garden in front of those classes. We used to play badminton with hand and ball made up of Aluminium foil.

From our classroom one can see right across the ground at someone on the other side. Zero period was about to over and so was the honeymoon mood. I then saw a lady on the other side of the ground.

It was my mummy. She came to the school to bring my lunch. I came out of the class and she stopped walking. I ran to her and took my tiffin. She also gave me two rupees. In 1989 two rupees were a big amount. You can buy two rasika drink that used to come in polyethene pouchs or you can buy 8 ravalgum chewing gums.

I was not happy that she came all the way to school just to give me tiffin but I was even more happier about the two rupees that she gave me.

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