Going to school in the new session

I still remember the feeling of going to school in April. New session start during this time. I was always been average student, never focussed on studies or my essay. Whenever a new session starts I would start thinking and make promises to myself that this
year I will study properly and get good marks. This happened for so many years until I passed out from school :)

Yes I was talking about that feeling. The mornings are not hot in april, we used to gather in the school ground for the assembly wearing new clothes that we got in the new session. Whole month of April was passed thinking about the summer holidays that would normally start from 15 May.

Today I got up little late at 5:30 AM, was working and suddenly a thought came into my mind on how I used to feel so many years back when I was kid. As a child I was always excited and used to dream a lot of things. Early in my childhood I knew for sure that there are certain things that are not for me.

It is strange to analyse how our feelings, dreams and goals change as we grow old. I guess this is wrong. Why should we let our dreams die. We should keep them alive and don't let life take control over them. Instead we should be in control of our life and live everyday to achieve our dreams.

Today will be a good day for me and I hope for those who are reading this.

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