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In my earlier post Now and then I wrote about my first school. I went there after more than 20 years, met old teachers. Saw my old classrooms where I used to sit. A lot of changed there, along with the usual charts on the walls of the classrooms the LCD screen also share some space with the blackboard. Everything seemed to be upgraded there. Kids studying there get introduced to the technology much earlier.

Today I will write about on incident that happened with me long long time back in the Junior Wing building of our school. In fact it happened on the second day of my school life.

The year was 1987 when I took admission in the 1st standard in DAV model school Shalimar bagh, which was later renamed to DL DAV model school in 1994. Everyday after the school the students who used to go by bus were filled in a class and later moved out from that class in a line. So everyone from route number 4 were supposed to sit in some class.

I was new in the school and I didn't know the purpose of filling all the students in a class after the school. So I was also taken to a class along with other. It was my 1st day in the school, so I thought that this is the way school system works. Your are moved to a different class and you need to come to the same class again the next day. The class where we were moved was II-A and I was actually in I-A.

Next day when I came to school I went to the class II-A. Of course everyone in the class was looking at me, they must have thought that I am some new student in their class. What they did not realize that I was actually sitting in the wrong class. I was their 1 year junior!!

After the class teacher finished taking attendance the student sitting next to me shouted "Mam iska naam nahi aya". Then she came to me and looked at me ID. She asked me "What are you doing in this class? You are supposed to sit in class I-A".

I was embarrassed and scared. I thought they will complain my parents and some strict action will be taken against me. I was thinking just too much, she just took me to my class where I belonged and explained everything to my class teacher.

You can see the pictures of the Kela Godam and Junior Wing here.

That's how I started my school life!

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