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JIRA is perfect for even small Teams!!

Life is great and things are turning out to be very well these days. I am really excited about new things that we are doing at sparxsys. For a long time we were just two people in the company but recently three new amazing people joined us and we now have a team of 5. Though we are a small company but we do follow lot of Project Management practices internally to be able to deliver quality to our clients and on time. We don't do work in bulk. We just take limited projects and deliver the best. There are lot of things to take care in managing tasks and projects in a company which is small. Things like planning, scheduling tasks to members and making sure the workload is balanced and then keeping track of things. At the same time there are changes in the original plan due to change in requirements or may be due to some factors beyond our control. Overall things get really messy sometimes and it is really frustated for us to manage work.

To be able to gain control over so many things we and I am sure every company create some processes that they follow but again it is not always easy to stay on track and things fall apart eventually.

We used lot of tools for managing projects and tasks. We tried dsktop based tools, online issue trackers but every time we keep coming back to Google Spreadsheets mainly for its simplicity and the ability to edit the tasks right in the sheet itself but again google spreadsheets has its limitations and end of the day it is just a sheet not really a system. Though we do have scripts that send reminders from the sheet to individual members regularly until the task is complete but it is again just a sheet and not a system. It is pretty much limited in terms of its capabilities.

We have been using JIRA too for a long time now. We have a starter $10 license for our small team which works fine for us and we are quite satisfied with it. Few years back JIRA was not really the best solution for Issue Tracking but in the past 1 year I have seem some amazing things happening with it. The Atlassian team has really included some great features in it and we feel that we can now completely switch to JIRA for all our project management and tracking. We are even thinking of giving the access to clients too so that they can file bugs etcs by simply sending a mail. Yes JIRA has a good Mail Handler and works great.

JIRA can be simple if you want it to be simple or it can be very complex too. It is highly customizable tool and can easily be configured. Though you need to know how to make it work for you.

With the new realease of scrum and kanband Agile tools the JIRA is more powerful than ever before. The ability to create boards to match your company workflow is just amazing. It works just perfectly for software projects, test case management and even for helpdesk system for ticketing.

We are currently evaluating JIRA for a month or two along with our good old Google Spreadsheet system and we are hoping that it will work just perfectly for us.

Chao Chao.

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Have fun and enjoy the upcoming winters. Weather is just perfect these days.

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