More stupid posts or few good ones

hey guys, I have not been able to update this blog because of extra workload. Well thats really not an excuse to make. Actually I

tried to write but my mind was somewhere else so thats why I chose not to write. In the past few days I was thinking whether I should

really update this blog regularly with stupid things about my life or should I write good quality stuff. Well personally I prefer to

write just stupid things, in fact I hardly review whatever I write. I just write it in one go and post it directly. I guess thats

should be a personal blog should be like. I dont really have to review-edit-review-edit my blogs. No. Not atleast this blog. So I

guess I will continue to write stupid things about my life here.

As I mentioned before that I have been busy with lots of work. Frankly it was not the best time this week. I really hate doing extra

work, in fact I do not like doing any work especially if it is for some one else. In this case it was my office work. Well I have

planned lot of things and may be this won't happen for a long time. I am really sick of my office. No, it is not about my work, I am

doing really nice learning stuff but it is not something I prefer. I don't like my mind getting used by someone else. I prefer

freedom, complete freedom. Where I can use my mind in whatever way I like. Well I hope this year I will leave my job forever. Yeah I

am announcing it here for the first time in public domain that 2012 will be the last year I will work for anyone else. No jobs No

clients. Yeah. I suck in taking responsibilities of other. I hate someone giving me orders. I hate selling my mind. No more. I waited

too long for this, 10 years! yes it was tough. Does that mean I have lots of money or I have some other source of income. Well not

really but I will figure that out. I know I will.

Working for someone else is slavery. Yes, it is. No matter how much you earn, whatever position you hold. It is slavery. We are all slaves when we are working for someone. There is lot more to life. There are so many wonderful things in this world to do that to fuck yourself working for someone. Personally I want to explore this world, experience different things, meet new people, eat variety of foods, visit various countries, experience lot lot more than sitting on a stupid computer restarting apache server! What the hell this is slavery. I am not a slave. I will be free soon.

I am glad I have done lots of mistakes in my life, especially the last 10 years and now I have a rough idea of what I really want to do in life. Yeah still rough but believe me it is still much better than no idea at all. Most people, I guess 99% population in this world have really not idea at all about their life and what they want. They just follow what others ask them to follow. I guess we all do what our parents directly or indirectly want us to do. It is not their fault, they live in a society which is made in such a way that we all live a preprogrammed life. This has been happening for so many years, I guess things got worst in the past 200 years or so. We have lost the true meaning of life. If by hit and trial you can find what you really want in life than I think it will be the best thing you can ever do in your life. Don't hesitate trying new stuff. Atleast give it a thought. Change yourself, take new route to office, wear different clothes you never wore before, eat new kind of food. Idea is to break your usual habits and try something new in whatever area you can think of. I am sure it will enlighten your mind and you never know you can find your true passion. when you say you like doing something and it is your passion then doubt it. How come your passion is watching cricket and you work in a software company. I just simply hate the idea of watching cricket or any other sport. Personally I love playing cricket and I have no keen interest in watching it on tv. If you love cricket so much then just go out and play. People say their passion or hobby are different from their work. This is stupid. There should not be any difference between your passion and work. If it is not then you are not on the right track and your life has no meaning.

So what are you thinking now?

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