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You should watch Sir

Few days back I watched this movie which I noticed on Netflix, yes I started watching movies and series in 2020 and I thought I will probably start writing about some movies or series that I liked. Not a movie review really, just want to give myself another reason to write regular blogs :)

Honestly I ran out of content on Netflix and Amazon Prime. I have watched all the Hindi series and movies I wanted I felt are interesting. I was not sure about what will be there in this movie but for some reasons I decided to give it a try.

The movie is about a girl who is from small town and started working as a maid in Mumbai but she is also ambitious and have bigger dreams. Nothing extraordinary about the story but the way movie is made is brilliant. It is about the class difference in Indian society. I think it conveys the message really, really well.

Sir movie

The movie is in English, Hindi and Marathi. I think it makes sense to let characters use the language that they would use in real life. It made an impact and I had no trouble understanding, of course I turned on the subtitles for the Marathi parts but those were not many anyways. If you ever had a maid in your household then you will feel guilty after watching this movie, if you don't then there is something wrong with you. One should wash their own clothes and wash dishes themselves, we have machines for that but still, even if you pay someone it is still morally wrong. They don't get paid well as well and their industry is not structured anyways. No matter how busy we are in our lives, if capable, we should do these things ourselves. 

I have been making videos and I attempted making few vlogs and short films last year and I soon realised that it a tremendous effort to convey your message effectively. I don't like ratings but I would highly recommend you this movie. It is on Netflix, go and watch it. It is a very well made movie. It conveys the message, ok I am repeating myself.

Last year lot of people like me moved to these streaming services and I noticed lot of these online series have actors who were struggling to make a mark but now they have a platform. That's really good. 

That's it for today. Enjoy.


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