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Welcome 2021

Today is the first day of 2021 and I thought it will be good to write a blog. The day was nothing different from other days, no actually I was working today. I think it is a good to work on the first day of the year. I just realised that I will be 40 this year. Couple of years back I made a list of things I want to do when I am 40. When I look at my goals of the last few year I think I am consistent. Few years ago I tried writing a post everyday. I mean a real shareable post, I do share everyday in the form of a video now a days but I tried sharing updates every day. I think it is not really necessary. You can't possible be in the right state of mind to share content everyday. So this year I will not try to share everyday, like a proper blog post but let us see if I can be at least consistent.

Today was a normal day. I woke up a bit late, there were lot of fire works last night, my sleep got interrupted and I thought I will probably catch up on my sleep. I sleep really well actually and I prefer giving my body proper rest.

I watched Cobra Kai's season 3 today. It was not as satisfying as the first 2 seasons but still ok because at least it came after a long wait.

Cobra Kai Season 3

There were 10 episodes in total and I had overall good time watching it. Did I mention it before that I learned Judo Karate as a kid? I don't have a black belt or anything like that but I did learn for sometime as a kid. I think it made me slightly more confident. I was 9 when I learnt it, I also took part in a Judo competition. It was start of 1990s and I guess after Karate Kid and all those 80s movies it was a thing think back then. I feel bad that I hardly continued learning more of it, it may be 30 years since then and I am still not old so you are never old to re-learn anything again. Last year I actually tried finding local karate lessons, but 2020 was jinxed for everyone so may be this year ;)

I also watched one movie today called Cargo. It was a bit different movie, a modern take on the after life, a bit boring at times but I was able to finish it.

Cargo Hindi Movie

I mentioned yesterday that I have started watching movies and series in the evening to kill time and shift my mind to think about something else. Ever since the lockdown started there is absolutely no social life, going out or meeting friends so I guess it is ok to spend time on streaming platforms.

I have been watching lot of movies and series lately, some of them are really good. I might write blogs reviewing them, who knows :)

I guess that is it for today. Let us see how often I write this year.




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