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Thanks for coming here, I hope you are enjoying learning here, I have also written some books in case you want to learn a bit more :)
If you need my help with Drupal, Linux, Jira, Scripting, Automation or want to contact me then raise a ticket for me please :) and I will get back to you, promise. At Sparxsys we provide Atlassian consultancy services, reach out to me at ravi at sparxsys dot com


Ravi Sagar Jira Consultant

Do you have your own website? #ownyourdata

- I post all my content on my website.
- My posts are syndicated on Twitter and LinkedIn.
- I post whatever I want to on my website.
- My content is indexed by popular search engines.
- My site acts like my profile where I showcase my work.
- It feels good to have your place online.
- Even a simple HTML site is good enough.


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