Half yearly update 2018

I can't believe half of 2018, time flies. I made myself lot of promises start of the year. Overall I am quite satisfied with myself this year. I feel good when I continuously keep myself abreast of the latest things happening around or at least making an attempt to learn new things. I don't like stillness in life. We should always look forward to get familiar with new things not only related to our direct field of work but in other domains.

What I am happy about? or things I stuff I learned or tried
Improve my blog
Learned about GPS
Youtube channel

What I want to do or could have done in the past 6 months
It is such a wide field that you can not say that you are an expert in DevOps. This year I will continue learning and exploring this domain further. I already have a good understand of what is DevOps what I am gain more knowledge around certain topics.

I used to maintain one blog called autogrid.info where I used to share tips and tricks on Excel VBA. I wish to do that again. Not sure if I will be able to spend lot of time on this but I wrote a book which I will try to publish this year.

Write a book on Drupal
In 2011 January I wrote a book on Drupal 7 which I also published. The book was not great and rather unfinished. This year I wish in my free time on weekends I can update that book for Drupal 8. I will be very happy if I can finish this task before the end of this year.

Fluent in French
Again one of my dream is to one day speak fluent french. I really want to give more time for the remainder of this year. At least I can read a book and talk to my colleagues to lear more. I did learn lot of things this year but mostly random things, I did not give enough attention on this.

That is it for the time being. Long list is also not good but these are the things that are in my mind.

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