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I am going to start writing about everything that has ever occurred in my life so far. I know nobody really cares about it but I am writing because I just want to understand myself better. I really a confused personality and every now and then I feel that I am not really going anywhere in life. Something always bothers me inside, don't really know right now what it is but there is surely something deep inside me that keeps me pulling back and wont let me free. I want to find out why. Everything is alright in my life but just there is something bothering me all the time. It is not letting me what I want to be always i.e. HAPPY. Yes I think this is one of the most important goal for every human being and mine also. I want to by happy but at the same time I also want everyday of my life to be perfect and full of happiness without any hassles. I really long for such days when there is no tension in my life. I know tensions will stay with you but it is how you deal with them that matter. I just feel I am not able to cop up and this has been the case for so many years now. There is something I really want to do but I dont know what. There is some place that I want go but dont know where. Everyone should have a meaningful life and I also want to find the true purpose of my life.

So I am going to start writing down from the earliest memories of my life. I will be completely honest with my thoughts and feelings. This will help me to sort out tangled things in my mind. Want to write it doing on my blog so that I stay honest and open. May be someone is reading my blog and might be interested, I dont really care about anyone. I am very selffish I think. I disabled comments recently on my blog because I just dont want anyone else's opinion. It is just too much noise for me. I will write for myself.

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