Tuesday, October 1, 2013 - 16:48
Dear friends, Do you want a rock solid good looking website? Let me get to the point straight. Here is the deal. Buy the Annual hosting from Dreamhost using my affiliate link mentioned below and I will throw in some cool stuff that no one can offer you. My Dreamhost affiliate link: (After you click on the Affiliate link do not enter any Promo code or close the window, just click on the link above and complete your order) What you will get? 1. Hosting for one year. 2. Domain name for 1 year. Dreamhost annual hosting comes with a domain name too. 3. Free pre-configured Drupal Website. This is the most interesting part. Keep on reading for more details. This is a limited time offer. Probably I can manage this offer for first 50 people who contact me.…
Wednesday, August 28, 2013 - 16:06
My 9 month year old Daughter started walking today. My wife and parents mentioned earlier that she can walk without support but never believed it until I saw her walking quite comfortably today. I recorded this video quickly to capture this moment. Time to celebrate now. These things used to look silly to me but when you become parent then only you realize how much happiness these moments brings in the life.
Wednesday, August 28, 2013 - 14:01
Preserve colors in Excel
Every week I prepare one report in Excel with lot of graphs. The data in the excel sheet is added in every report and the graphs that are generated based on that data are of course also updated. The client was satisfied with the report but asked me to preserve the color of the various countries that appear on the stacked bar chart. Initially for couple of weeks I didn't really paid much attention but then the client got little demanding and requested me again in harsh tone to do it. I still use Excel 2003 and not sure whether this feature is there in 2007 version, I guess not. After searching on the internet I did found a solution that requires creation of a macro that can be used to hard code the values and assign them specific color. Here is the code. I hope it will be helpful to you.…
Wednesday, August 28, 2013 - 07:48
Sparxsys Solutions Pvt. Ltd. - Netaji Subhash Place
Isn't it a good looking building :)?
Wednesday, August 28, 2013 - 05:56
Daughter of Ravi Sagar
This is my daughter. I am probably sharing her pic on this blog for the first time. She was was born last year and she is now over 9 months old. She can now stand on her own and can walk a little bit. She is probably the best thing happened in my life. Now all I do everyday is think about playing with her. She is very active child, me and my wife are always running around the house to control her. You will be surprised to know that we have not given her any formal name yet. I ijust can't think of any good name for her. I need to do it really soon I guess.
Tuesday, August 27, 2013 - 15:35
Ravi Sagar
Running a startup is extremely stressful, it affects everything in your life. When I started my startup journey I didn’t realise how much easy or difficult things will be ahead. Having a technical knowledge is one thing but managing clients is another. In my case this has been the number 1 source of unhappiness. I am successfully managing many clients mostly alone for so many years. I feel happy when I successfully win a project, even more happy when I get paid. Believe me getting paid all by yourself is something that cannot be explained. However winning a project is one thing but actually developing the project, handling client queries, resolving their issues and delivering the project is the part which gives lot of tensions. You can’t run away from it also. You have to live with it.…
Wednesday, May 1, 2013 - 17:11
Since my early days when I was small Kid I have an habit of waking up early, for me anything beyond 5 AM is late. I have been getting up at 3:55 AM and my day starts at 4 AM. People always tell me that you are lucky guy, you don’t have this in life, you don’t have that in life. When you will get married you will not get time for anything else, they also blamed their small kids for keeping them engaged. In my opinion if a task is not important to you then you will not do it and if it is really important, I mean if something really matters to you then you will give your 100% to it. The problem with people is that they crib a lot and are usually jealous of successful people. What they don’t realize is that those people who achieved success in life paid a price for that. They worked hard,…
Monday, March 18, 2013 - 08:51
I have mentioned this before so many times that writing on this blog is one of my favorite things in life. Here I just share my true feelings and I let out everything. This is just a short post as I am really very occupied with work these days. I don't think I was this busy before. I have so much work that sometimes I get little frustrated but end of the day I feel satisfied that this is exactly what I wanted to do when I started my company. When you start a business doing what you love and also earn money from it is the the best thing. There are times in the week when I feel little tired and exhausted but I am learning how to keep a balance of things. I am working hard everyday trying to build a stable company. When I look back 3 years back I remember I had the same feeling. That feeling…
Tuesday, January 1, 2013 - 14:49
People close to me know that I am always trying new things. I was overwhelmed with so much of work that I decided to disable comments on the blog of mine. I was not receiving tons of comments, just few of them but there were lot of spam comments that were going in the approval queue, it was really difficult for me to find time to scan them. Thats why I decided to disable comments completely. But today on 1st Jan 2013 the comments on my blog are officially open again. I have been doing lot of thinking recently about the future of this blog. Lot of people who know me well complain that I write good but I don’t have a focus in my writings. They are absolutely right. This blog has been a place where I pen down all my frustrations and feelings. For so many years I am writing but never really…
Thursday, December 27, 2012 - 15:02
I am going to start writing about everything that has ever occurred in my life so far. I know nobody really cares about it but I am writing because I just want to understand myself better. I really a confused personality and every now and then I feel that I am not really going anywhere in life. Something always bothers me inside, don't really know right now what it is but there is surely something deep inside me that keeps me pulling back and wont let me free. I want to find out why. Everything is alright in my life but just there is something bothering me all the time. It is not letting me what I want to be always i.e. HAPPY. Yes I think this is one of the most important goal for every human being and mine also. I want to by happy but at the same time I also want everyday of my life to…

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